Up your sewing game in 2020

Whenever I teach beginner sewing to someone with brand new goals, or a unique class to someone that wants to advance their skills, I always advise the same: just keep sewing! Everyone who wants to learn to sew has a dream to make their own clothes with a level of confidence that they want to shout it to the world, or they want to approach every pattern they come across with that same confidence that they can do it.

Whatever your sewing goal is, just keep sewing; keep seeking the skills you want, use social media to immerse yourself into the community, participate in sewcial events where you can meet others with the same goals and others you can learn from. The craft of sewing is vast in many communities and there is a place for you.

Here are 10 tips and suggestions to help your sewing journey:

1. Keep sewing every project you approach and make mistakes over and over again - you will begin to see those mistakes coming and you won't make them in the next project.

2. Read through the pattern before starting the project to ensure you have a good understanding of each step.

3. Look online for reviews of your pattern choice and see what issues others have had...this will provide understanding before you begin cutting.

4. Wash (dry clean), dry, and iron your new fabric before sewing - you want your fabric to to throughout its first cleaning process before construction of the garment.

5. Use one pair of scissors on fabric and another pair of scissors on paper...always.

6. Press (not iron), your seams during garment construction. Press the seam with iron with an up/down motion (use steam appropriately), trying not to move the iron back/forth - risking stretching the fabric.

7. MAKE A MUSLIN - this allows you to teach yourself how to make a garment before your make it.

8. If you make a garment with a pattern that you love, it fits and the pattern was easy to make - keep that pattern as a permanent pattern and use it to create other designs for yourself.

9. Take time to learn new skills - ask questions on social media if you see something you like - they will answer!

10. Invest in your craft, buy nice tools - if your machine is acting strange, get it tuned up - get your scissors sharpened - sew your stash!

Wanna up your sewing game in 2020!

What about making jeans? Think you can't do it - or it's too hard - or it will take too long - nah! Jeans are easier than you think - lot's of topstitching, then you put them on.

Need a new winter coat? Let's make one - color or your choice, fun fabric, any length. What kind? bomber jacket, trench rain coat, wool, faux many choices

Would you like to learn the intricate skills of dressmaking? Make a dress that fits you! learn about darts, facings, lining, invisible zippers and hemming.

What about making your own dress pattern? Take your measurements and draft your own pattern and make sure any commercial pattern fits, because you understand the measurements of your body and how they relate to the lines on the pattern.

Make your dream garment with a private sewing lesson. Select your pattern, design or garment you'd like to make and get one-on-one guidance and recorded instruction to review later.

Let's get started - Nikki

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