A raincoat doesn't have to be plastic to keep you fresh and safe from water. Made with the right fabrics, your raincoat can be just a fashionable as your other garments. Just consider your favorite lightweight unlined coat or jacket, look for a pattern and take it from there. There are so many patterns that will make a great coat or jacket to wear during rainy weather, water-repellant and cute!

Raincoat fabrics ensure protection against rain, wind, cold, dust, dirt and atmosphere with high humidity. Waterproof outerwear is made from a variety of materials — wool, cotton, silk, premium fibers and fabrics with rubber. Water-repellent treatment makes natural fabrics durable, flexible and easy to clean without affecting their properties. Soft and smooth, they allow the skin to breathe, while keeping you safe from rough weather.


Simplicity 8554 - Cotton Twill Fabric - bias covered seams