Thank you for subscribing and downloading the Pin Cushion Project from Sewing My Style. I made this pin cushion in the early 90s and it’s been on my sewing table since then. Today I use this project for teaching beginners fundamental techniques of sewing including measuring, cutting, transferring pattern markings, pinning, stitching on curves, tacks with a zigzag stitch. It’s a great project for beginner sewing lessons including kids, adults and small projects.

Download the 2-piece pattern, connect the center arrows, tape and you’re ready to design your own Pin Cushion.


Any woven fabric – 1/3 yard – a fat quarter will do. Have fun with a print on top and a solid on bottom. Kids will enjoy this choice. Small bag of Polyfill (complete bag fits) One Singer 12-pack hand sewing thread 15inches of 1/8” elastic Sewing Tools: Tape, Tracing Wheel and Paper, Sewing Gauge, Marking Pencil, Iron, Thread

STEP 1 - Tape pattern pages together by connecting middle arrows tip-to-tip. Depending on the output of your printer, you may need to slice the edges of the paper to get a good connection. The circle should be 10 inches wide at all points/30 inches circumference. Cut out circle on CUT LINE.

STEP 2 - Place pattern on fabric pieces wrong sides together and TRACE ALL MARKINGS from pattern onto top layer of fabric and CUT.