Jeans and Heels

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Ever since making jeans, i never stopped and the Ginger jeans pattern from Closetcase has been my go-to. The fit is great and there’s options for the rise. Here’s the secret: I made the wrong rise on this project. Thought I was making the high-rise and realized I made the mid-rise during the first try-on in the mirror. oops! BUT! This fabric made it work because it’s a nice stretch novelty fabric from Joann’s. I’ve worn them twice and they are comfortable and easy to wash and wear. Okay den.

My other newest go-to is the Very Easy Vogue dress that gets made and posted 15 times a week on social media, #9253 - I decided to make it into a duster. On the off chance I would look like a dancer on the church praise team or it would resemble a beach cover up, hence the jeans and heels. It took me months to style it in my head. The fabric came from Fine Fabric in Atlanta and there’s a bunch of it. It’s shirred with elastic and it’s very sheer - and it worked - balled up in the suit case and all.

Michael Bruce is my photographer friend in MD/DC and he’s an amazing artist. We started out in Ellicott City MD and ended our day in Columbia MD by the water.

More to come....


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